Table 6ft Rectangular Centerfold Plastic


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6ft. x 30″ plastic table

  • conveniently folds up for easy portability
  • Table Linen sizes:
  • 6ft. Rectangular 88” x 130” will fall to the floor on all four sides.
  • 60” x 96” square used alone or as an overlay: 10” drop (short) (20” free space to the floor), 15” drop (long) (15” free space to the floor)

It is the customers responsibility to keep ALL items dry from the rain, sprinklers, or any other situation.  Damage will result in additional charges.

For office pick up / return a truck or trailer is advisable.  It is not advisable to transport tables inside a vehicle.

A&H Party Rentals Inc. is NOT responsible for damage to customers vehicles in the loading, transporting, or unloading of rental items.  It is the customers responsibility to secure items for transport.